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Urachal cysts


Urachal cysts are congenital anomalies that occur due to incomplete closure of the urachus, a channel present during fetal development. These cysts can cause urinary symptoms and may require appropriate treatment.


  • Pain or pressure sensation in the area around the navel: Urachal cysts can cause pain or discomfort in the area around the navel, especially during urination or when the bladder is full.
  • Recurring urinary infections: The presence of an urachal cyst can increase the risk of recurring urinary infections due to the buildup of bacteria.
  • Bleeding or discharge from the navel: In some cases, the urachal cyst can cause bleeding or discharge from the navel.
  • Difficulty urinating: Urachal cysts can obstruct normal urine flow, causing difficulty urinating or a sense of incomplete bladder emptying.


To understand the most appropriate treatment for urachal cysts, it is recommended to make an appointment with Professor Christian Gozzi for a specialist visit.

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