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The sphincter implant

What is it?

The sphincter implant is a medical device used for the treatment of severe urinary incontinence. It is designed to restore voluntary control over urination, allowing the patient to better manage urinary leakage. The sphincter implant consists of three main components: a pressure-regulating balloon, a reservoir, and a closure mechanism. These components work together to regulate urinary flow and prevent unwanted leakage.


  • The sphincter implant offers several benefits for those suffering from severe urinary incontinence:
  • Restoration of urinary control: The sphincter implant restores the ability to voluntarily control urinary flow, allowing the patient to decide when and where to empty the bladder. This significantly reduces unwanted urinary leakage and restores greater independence and confidence to the patient.
  • Improved quality of life: By reducing or eliminating urinary incontinence, the sphincter implant improves patients' quality of life. This enables them to engage in daily activities without worrying about potential leaks or embarrassment.
  • Treatment customization: The sphincter implant is highly customizable to fit the individual needs of each patient. The physician can adjust the device's pressure and the duration of urethral opening to ensure adequate control of urinary flow.


To understand if the sphincter implant is the most suitable treatment, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with Professor Christian Gozzi for a specialized consultation.

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